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after a long period when there were none, now there are three Lotus Eaters CDs - Vinyl Japan have licensed No Sense Of Sin from BMG and this re-issue contains an indecent amount of bonus tracks together with sleeve notes by Jerry Kelly with a humble analysis of how a band goes about choosing a producer and what can go wrong with flawed reasoning




   No Sense Of Sin

My Happy Dream

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Track Listing


No Sense Of Sin

1. German Girl

2. Love Still Flows

3. Can You Keep A Secret

4. Out On Your Own

5. Put Your Touch On Love

6. Set Me Apart

7. You Fill Me With Need

8. The First Picture Of You

9. Alone Of All Her Sex

10. It Hurts

11. You Don't Need Someone New

12. Two Virgins Tender

13. My Happy Dream

14. The Evidence

15. Endless

16. Soul In Sparks

17. Church At Llanbadrig

18. The Lotus Eaters

19. Out On Your Own - 12" Version



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also available



Silentspace  - CD                                           

Vinyl Japan 2001 ASKCD122

Re-united and it's understood - Peter Coyle & Jerry Kelly's reunion CD



First Picture Of You  - CD                                 

BBC Worldwide Music/Vinyl Japan 2001 ASKCD77

John Peel & In Concert Radio Sessions from 1982-84




                        lotus eaters photos courtesy of jerry kelly









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