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Singles - CD                            

Warner Music

28 singles on one double



Sulk - CD                            

V2 Music

Re-issue of the original WEA 80s masterpiece with bonus tracks



Fourth Drawer Down  - CD               

V2 Music

Re-issue of the Beggars Banquet singles album with bonus tracks


Double Hipness  - Double CD              

V2 Music

From the very earliest Mackenzie/Rankine work through to the last Auchterhouse sessions


The Glamour Chase/Perhaps  - Double CD               

Warner Music

Long awaited issue of the never before released Glamour Chase together with Perhaps


The Radio One Sessions Volume 1  - CD               

Strange Fruit/BBC Music

The first Radio One Peel/Jensen Sessions 1981 to 1983


The Radio One Sessions Volume 2  - CD               

Strange Fruit/BBC Music

More radio from 1984 - 1985


The Affectionate Punch  - CD               

Fiction Records

Still available in the USA - or so it seems?


The Glamour Chase - The Maverick Life Of Billy Mackenzie  - Paperback          


Tom Doyle's, to date, definitive account of how it was




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The Singing Ringing Tree  - VHS


Following a bout of childhood nostalgia in the early 80s the associates got as far as contacting the BBC to try to buy up the rights with their rapidly dwindling advance - inspired the little known associates track -

"the tree that never sang"


The Singing Ringing Tree  - DVD


and also in DVD if you buy in the USA




lotus eaters

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Silentspace  - CD                                  

Vinyl Japan 2001

Re-united and it's understood - Peter Coyle & Jerry Kelly's reunion CD  


No Sense Of Sin  - CD                                  

Vinyl Japan 2001

Original debut with an indecent amount of bonus tracks 


First Picture Of You  - CD      

BBC Worldwide Music/Vinyl Japan 1998

John Peel & In Concert Radio Sessions from 1982 to 1984 





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Alternative Eighties - Double CD

Sony Music TV 2002

39 of the good, bad and ugly - includes Party Fears Two, Boys Don't Cry & First Picture Of You


Electric Dreams - Double CD

Virgin/EMI 2002

You can't always choose the company you keep - includes Party Fears Two & The Walk


Generation 80's - CD

Ocho 2002

Party Fears Two and more "alternatives"